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OK, I took one 75mg xr venlaxafine (effexor) today and will be taking it once every other day for a few weeks and seeing how I feel and then jumping up to 75mg as a daily dose. I feel ok actually. Apart from a bit of nausea and headache, it's fine. The real test with antidepressants, I find, isn't the first day but after a few days in up to the two week mark. The worst symptom of antidepressants for me is making the depersonalisation and derealisation worse - it is so hard to deal with that effect. It turns your life upside down. I have been working on my anixety for the past few months though and the baseline is down enough to feel confident getting on this medication. I'm gonna take things really easy. No big commitments, lots of days off work, no drinking (alcohol), minimal caffeine. I also have diazepam and propanolol for emergencies. I have big hopes for the medication after trying fluoxetine last year (helped depression, made derealisation worse) and escitalopram (helped derealisation, worsened depression and depersonalisation). I have been talking to my doctor about lamotragine (lamictal) but I don't think I need that at this stage. I just need something to alleviate the depression and anxiety and I will be off running. I just need a kick start in my life right now.
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