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Staring up at the sky

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For some reason, this always brings me brief moments of relief (where I can sense the realness of the vast expanse up above).

But then I look back down and I'm back in a dream again.

Does anyone else experience this?

Any idea/s why it could be?

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I'm always so busy, that I only ever look up at the stars by accident...should I be feeling bored by someone at a barbecue or something! As I look at the beauty of the universe, it's great to wonder what's going on everywhere else. I'll gaze at the sky for at least an hour, spotting hundreds more stars as my eyes adjust, then I'll tell myself to remember to look at the stars more often. But I always end up forgetting to do so.

I haven't noticed if it helps my Dp or not, but looking at the stars always gives me a really lovely feeling of peace and wellbeing. Really lovely - that is - until the blasted UFOs arrive to spoil it, with dozens of their green, hideous-looking, sweaty monsters, who grin menacingly, as they mercillessly frazzle my friends (and boring idiots) with their ray guns.....

1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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