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Staring up at the sky

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For some reason, this always brings me brief moments of relief (where I can sense the realness of the vast expanse up above).

But then I look back down and I'm back in a dream again.

Does anyone else experience this?

Any idea/s why it could be?

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My apologies to all those with floaters (which is a significant percentage of the membership here).

Wasn't my intent to generate any 'clear-vision-envy',lol :wink:

I actually do have floaters myself.

But they're small enough, and few enough, that I've always been able to ignore them and look past them (I think Janine said that. In any event, I was doing so long before she made the recommendation).

Thus enabling me to generate the illusion, at any rate, of a view of the world that is uncontaminated by these little beasties.

But I understand that for many of you (if not most) this is a lot easier said than done.

That said, I appreciate all of your replies (regardless of whether you were in the yay camp or the nay camp).

Me, I'll just keep looking up (while trying to figure out how to bring the sensation this gives me back down to the ground,lol).

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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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