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SSRI’s not working

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I was on Zoloft for around 12-13 years. It worked amazing at first when I was a teenager. Over the years I’d have to up my dose cause my symptoms would return. I got to a point months ago where my symptoms returned heavily and I went to the max dose but no change. I tapered off and now I’ve tried Prozac which seemed to make symptoms worse and no I’m trying lexapro and I feel like the same thing is happening, symptoms getting worse. I’d love to hear others experience with medication and what helps.
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symptoms always get worse the first week or two.
Uuh no, definitely not always. Or you mean just in your experiences?
i will go one step further. ssri and any psychmed do always destroy the brain. long term using causes loss of personality traits and emotional flatlining. and please dont come with studies. i readed enough lectures to know that studies in general just can give ideas. they prove absolutely nothing. but you are such a science obsessed man that you wont understand my point anyway. youre defending meds on this forum so aggressively that i tend to believe that youre employed as marketing manager at pharma industries :D

edit: your points are always like this: if someone gets psychological ill, it doesnt have anything to do with the past of that person. childhood issues and long term stress doesnt do anything. we get ill out of the blue. every humanbeing on this planet gets ill out of nowhere and then they stay ill for the rest of their lifes and the only thing to live a normal live with it are fucking physically pills that changes (destroys) the natural way of how the brain is working and they seem to be normal because the meds are damping everything what your brain connects with your personality. i know 2 persons in real life one took 10+ years ssri and the other one 30+ years. both of them are such innerly empty and burned out. no excitement in anything no motivation. everything is just boring to them. and the sadest thing is, they dont notice that. they think its their normal or it is because they became older. now you will say „uhh bro just anectodal“. so if you think, that im telling here lies or bullshit, this is only because youre doing the same and expect from others they are doing the same as you. but no. if you just say „its anecdotal“ why should i believe anything you are posting here? are you a doctor? and even if you are a doctor. how did the fucking science world did it not to research a „disorder“ what was written down first time at 1850 by mayer gross? are they so fucking dumb that they misdiagnosed millions of people with psychosis and other bullshit? is this the science you trust in and believe? i will say to you something. the only reason why the pharma industry can produce fucktons of ssri and other antidepressant is because people who take them are actually healthy people who just try to not lose their job, family or marriage. this is why they make billions with antidepressants every year. when it comes to dpdr suddenly there is nothing they can offer because they know exactly that they cannot influence a deep biographical-personal-psychological hurt and micro traumas through a fucking physical pill :D 90% of the people who takes antidepressants dont need that actually.
I dont know what you are talking about. Of course a lot of people's problems come from their past. Just because I think you are wrong about one point doesn't mean I think the exact opposite of you about absolutely everything. I am a victim of psychiatry and useless treatments myself and not being listen to and taken seriously. And sometimes it is even possible to agree with someone about the conclusion and still argue with them that their argument is wrong. That's what happens when you care about finding out what the truth is and not just defend an opinion. Maybe you are used to doing that, but I don't. So if I think that one of your arguments is incorrect that doesn't mean I am slyly trying to prove that pharmaceutical companies are philanthropists. The world is not divided between pro pharma and against pharma, it's not i am with you or against you.

Here i am just saying that no, symptoms don't always get worse during the first days or weeks of treatment. I think that sometimes yes, and sometimes no. And to defend this opinion I need observations of people who get worse and observations of people who don't. And I do have them. I did get worse with some SSRI and not with some others. I can probably assume i have your account of getting worse, i have the testimony of a good friend who had zero side effects, my sister's testimony who had zero problem when she started. So so far my observations confirm that. Maybe there are scientific papers about that too, but let's talk only about personal experiences so that we are on the same level.
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im saying taking psych drugs is the same like cutting your leg with a saw because it is stuck under a car. it destroys certain parts of the brain so the symptoms can seem less to the patient.
So a bit like painkillers. Or you mean that SSRI's cause permanent damages to the brain. But this is a different topic, what we were talking about was if whether or not symptoms always get worse during the first weeks.
okay master youre always right
Do you think you are wrong sometimes? Because it doesn't show.
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