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spouses, significant others..... please try to understand

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Well, what a downer.. TOnight my wife and I had an arugment.... I started this trip around November of this past year.... Tonight we went out for mexican.. She had a couple of Drinks... Truth serium I guess. Any way we stopped at Blockbuster to rent some movies for my son and his friend. I turned on the radio and some alternative rock was on,,, she didn''t want to hear it,, I said hey wait I like that song and was listening to it... Well then she held her hand over the radio so I could turn it back on. This car we had put in her name, but I drive it every day as she now drives the new mustang that is in both our names. Any way she had a couple of drinks and when we pulled up in front of the house she mentioned how this was her car and she would play any music in it she wanted. I said fine then you park the car and I got out of the car and left her sitting there. I grabbed my guitar went upstairs in the bedroom and began to play.. She came up and said I am going to watch tv can you go downstairs and play. I said you know since you had a couple of drinks you sure are being nasty.. She said well you've been an asshole since NOvember...
THAT HURT..... that sucks, Arugments happen but that was uncalled for. That is like hitting below the belt in boxing. Do your spouses, or significant others understand? Mine doesn't I guess and I found out tonight. I don't get it....I supported her while she went through breast cancer , I was there every minute... NOw 14 years later I go through this and I get that kind of treatment.... It's not right, it's just not right..

Sorry to vent but it really pisses me off.
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Sorry dude, thats sounds chetty. But some times my girlfriend of 10 years says things that are really bad. But she checks her self and says she's sorry right away.

If this is an isolated incident and not common of how your wife acts i would just write it off, blame the booze..

I hope things work out
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