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To start this topic off I want to say my vision isn't the best in the world, I wear glasses for nearsightedness, I have unequal sized pupils (it first showed up after intranasal drug use) and have had HPPD related vision problems in the past. I do plan on seeing the eye doctor in the near future as my last visit was almost 3 years ago.

Now I want to say that aside from the anxiety and panic that my vision is probably the most disturbing thing about my DP/DR experience. I just want to see if anyone can relate and if anyone else has some bothersome vision. My symptoms seem to have a wide range and some only show up when I'm particularly stressed or overstimulated.

Basically 24/7 I'll feel:

2d things, like a video or text, will have 3d depth to it

3d things will often look flat to me or have a weird perspective
Afterimages if I look at some kind of light source
Text appears to have a weird quality to it, like it'll just look surreal, sometimes 3d, sometimes it'll have tiny fluctuations in its edges, sometimes it'll almost look like it's moving, this is the symptom that's almost constant, but it doesn't give me trouble reading, just spooks me out.
Dark/bright tiny spots will appear in my vision for split seconds
I'll see tiny movements in my peripheral vision, sometimes it'll be like a twitch or a quick flash
Not sure if this is just hypersensitivity but I'm very mindful of what's happening around me, like I'll spot a bug crawling around at the park just from my peripheral vision. Also every time I'm in public I seem to be constantly taking in visual information, like what strangers look like and what they're wearing and what kind of graffiti or ads are on the walls.

Occasionally I'll experience some of these symptoms:
My vision or the light around me appears to flash for split seconds
Light will sometimes change in intensity, like it'll fluctuate between being bright and dark
My vision will appear to become a slideshow
And the thing that's so far seemed the most strange and scary is that on 2 or 3 occasions I believe I've seen a wall "breathe" (I've had this and slightly moving patterns when I had HPPD so I don't know if it's related)
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