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SPOOKY STUFF... psychic psycho

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i wasnt sure what forum this would fit best in.. maybe spiritual but i guess this is an ok place.

i picked up gav from the airport last night and later we had dinner then decided to take a walk downtown. it was around 10 pm... and since it was easter sunday the place was a ghosttown... well.. as far as regular humans go. for some reason there were a surprising number of wierdos and crackheads and creeps walking around. gav and i didnt say much to each other while on the walk.. just holding hands while gav smoked a ciggy. we passed alot of wierdos that harassed us a bit but we didnt say anything just kept walking, when up ahead of us came this guy. certianly not your average joe. young guy about maybe 20 years old... all dirty with his clothes all torn and he was talking to himself out loud. definately schitzo but the scary part was that he was walking exactly like something out of THE RING or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

i was like HOLY SH!T. :shock: but we both put our heads down and kept walking. but then he wouldnt let us pass. he was laughing and talking to himself and staring at us. we had to snake around the guy and as we did his talking got louder and scarier but we kept going faster this time... and when we got about 30 feet from the guy he shouted "GAVIN!!"

we both froze in our feet and turned around and he was staring at us and smiling this insane smile and he yelled again "GAVIN!!!!!"

then he started coming after us!! we took off and eventually lost him but needless to say we were both really shaken. there is NO WAY that he could have known gavs name. we tried to figure out any way that he could have known it.. gav checked for his wallet.. it was there. he wasnt at the resturant or around us at any other time.. and i hadnt spoken gavs name at all that night not even at the airport cause we call each other by pet names of course not by our real names. there is NO WAY he could have known gavs name at all.

personally... i believe in demons. i believe there is alot of sh!t that cant be explained. i believe that (and im sure most will dissagree especially in here) schitsofrenics talk to ghosts and demons and other phenoms that we cant see. if anyone knows anything about necro and the paranormal.. then they can understand what im getting at. gav doenst believe in it and hes very logical.. but he was more shaken than i was. he tried to make every heads or tails out of the situation but always came up short. there was nothing that could explain it. :shock:
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What's weird is that last night I had a dream about zombies in which I had to use garden tools to kill them (again). It was fun.
The only logical explanation is he died, gained omniscience in heaven including learning Gavin's name, only to be reincarnated by ancient Hawaiin voodoo rituals. Actually isn't voodoo Haitian, well I'm sure Hawaiians have their own brand. My dream fortells darkness, that these zombies mean us harm and we must take up arms aginst them.

By the way, what state of decay was he in?

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Ok just two things I wanted to say.
Firstly Sb and Gavin's experience was, to put it in a phrase, very cool. Regrdless of trying to explain it away, seeing a zombie like apparition stumbling around a deserted part of town late at night is cool. But then when this already terrifying creature seems to display some sort of supernatural powers, the experience becomes unforgetable. I reckon it will be one of those quirky memories that the two of them share forever.

Secondly, I'd probably agree with Martin, that we only have to look to nature to be awe struck. I don't see the point in trying to make reality out to be more than it is, when what it already is, is remarkable. I'm not saying that's what you guys are doing with this. But I don't like this attitude I see a great deal with the pseudo Buddhist types, who think there is something wrong with the reality we experience most of the time. Just read ALdous Huxley 'Doors of Perception', sorry to sum up a so called classic in a sarcastic sentence, but the guy could hardly articulate what was happening to him, because it was, after all, just a crazy meaningless drug trip.
Also science isn't something bespeceled old men do in laboratries deep under ground. The empirical method is essential to all of us, and we employ in everythign we do. It allows us to have the most meaningful experiences of all, anemly those with other people. The nest time you find yourself delighted to see a loved one, you are employing the scientific method. The scientific method is integrated into our biology whether we like it or not.
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What Janine just said is so true.
However I would like to add one more point to this whole quantum discussion, even though it has nothing to do with telepathic zombies. Physicists tend to hope that the universe is finite. What they hope is that the universe is finite, and will come to an end one day. Effectively what this means is that one day we will have the 'big crunch', which is kinda' the opposite of the big bang. After the big crunch the universe will begin again, and we will all repeat our lives again, and again, infinitely. I just thought that was quite interesting, even though it may not necessarily turn out to be the case.
However, I must say, quantum theory no longer interests me. I think if there were intelligent life forms that lived at the quantum level, and were used to quantum mechanics, particles acting like waves, uncertainty over the position and velocity of a particle etc. I think that if these beings existed and knew about our macroscopic level, that obeyed the laws of Newtonian mechanics, then they would be very envious of us. I know that sounds silly, but what I mean is that when one realises that things don't have to be a certain way, that indeed quantum sized particles can randomly appear out of nothing and so on, then one finds the whole thing to be rather uninteresting. It is in our macroscpoic world that the really fascinating things occur.
Lastly, I read all of those popular science books, did the first year of a degree in physics and I eventually discovered that whatever these scientific crack pots were on about it held little significance for me as a mortal, and I'd be better off doing a degree I was actually interested in.
Mathematics, science, logic these are only ways of decribing reality in a way that is meaningful, however reality will always be the same.
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I just saw Privateer's explanation and it is probably the best.

Zounds! You guys are all wrong!

I have an explanation for y'all! Gavin looks like a Gavin, doesn't he? I just sort of assume every British guy is named Gavin or Nigel, so if I saw a guy I suspected of being British, I might just call him Gavin, or maybe Nigel jokingly. We pick up on all kinds of subconscious cues...we might be aware of more information than we're flat-out given.

***case closed. solved by me, detective***
The mind/brain does a whole lot of stuff uncounsciously. This crazy guy, with all sorts of weird and disjointed thoughts running through his head probably knew a Gavin who looked like the dpselfhelp Gavin, and mistook him for Gavin. Or perhaps Gavin was wearing a tee shirt that this other Gavin also once wore, and this crazy guy, in his craziness, took this to mean that it was the Gavin he knew. I remember Gavin had a beard in the last pic I saw of him, perhaps this other guy knew a Gavin with a beard.....and well you get the point.
I think Privateer's explanation solves the case.
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