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SPOOKY STUFF... psychic psycho

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i wasnt sure what forum this would fit best in.. maybe spiritual but i guess this is an ok place.

i picked up gav from the airport last night and later we had dinner then decided to take a walk downtown. it was around 10 pm... and since it was easter sunday the place was a ghosttown... well.. as far as regular humans go. for some reason there were a surprising number of wierdos and crackheads and creeps walking around. gav and i didnt say much to each other while on the walk.. just holding hands while gav smoked a ciggy. we passed alot of wierdos that harassed us a bit but we didnt say anything just kept walking, when up ahead of us came this guy. certianly not your average joe. young guy about maybe 20 years old... all dirty with his clothes all torn and he was talking to himself out loud. definately schitzo but the scary part was that he was walking exactly like something out of THE RING or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

i was like HOLY SH!T. :shock: but we both put our heads down and kept walking. but then he wouldnt let us pass. he was laughing and talking to himself and staring at us. we had to snake around the guy and as we did his talking got louder and scarier but we kept going faster this time... and when we got about 30 feet from the guy he shouted "GAVIN!!"

we both froze in our feet and turned around and he was staring at us and smiling this insane smile and he yelled again "GAVIN!!!!!"

then he started coming after us!! we took off and eventually lost him but needless to say we were both really shaken. there is NO WAY that he could have known gavs name. we tried to figure out any way that he could have known it.. gav checked for his wallet.. it was there. he wasnt at the resturant or around us at any other time.. and i hadnt spoken gavs name at all that night not even at the airport cause we call each other by pet names of course not by our real names. there is NO WAY he could have known gavs name at all.

personally... i believe in demons. i believe there is alot of sh!t that cant be explained. i believe that (and im sure most will dissagree especially in here) schitsofrenics talk to ghosts and demons and other phenoms that we cant see. if anyone knows anything about necro and the paranormal.. then they can understand what im getting at. gav doenst believe in it and hes very logical.. but he was more shaken than i was. he tried to make every heads or tails out of the situation but always came up short. there was nothing that could explain it. :shock:
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If Moses lived nowadays, no doubt he would be put away for saying a bush spoke to him. I beleive in schizophrenia as a physical brain disease. But I also beleive in the supernatural. I put in an earlier post that talking in dead languages and having access to hidden knowledge that they could not possibly know are signs in the Catholic Church of demonic possession. If these can be ruled in, and other diagnosises can be ruled out, I'd get a priest for that man before I'd give him Risperdal. Or maybe both at the same time. But the exorcist for pittsburgh beleives very strongly that while many of the mentally ill need a doctor, some need spirtuall intervention. This is why he always works closely with psychiatrists to differentiate the two. If a psychiatrist is weirded out then you KNOW someone's got problems. Pretty weird Sleeping.

Reminds me of a story the exorcist told....a woman came to him and said that she thought her mother was possessed. At odd times she would howl and scream and utter profanities. She was worried about her mom, and sprinkled her with holy water one day. Her mom started screaming "It burns! It burns!" Needless to say, it freaked the daughter out beyond belief. I thought that the exorcist's reply was pretty smart. He told her to take the holy water bottle ( they usually have a cross on them and a very distinctive look so that anybody who glances at the bottle knows it has holy water) and empty out all of the holy water, replacing it with tap water. Then go over to her mother's house and sprinkle her with it. The woman did just what he said, went over her mother's house, and sprinkled her with tap water from the distinctive looking holy water bottle. The mother again screamed "It burns! It burns!". Her mother wasnt possessed - she just wanted more attention from her daughter. Exorcist priests have an interesting job. Its really interesting to note that once a year, all of the Catholic priests who are exorcists have a conference in a
European city. This year its Warsaw. I cant imagine how cool, surreal, and creepy that conference is. Anyways, maybe you should try sprinkling the dude with holy water, Sleeping. Or tap water from a holy water bottle!

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