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SPOOKY STUFF... psychic psycho

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i wasnt sure what forum this would fit best in.. maybe spiritual but i guess this is an ok place.

i picked up gav from the airport last night and later we had dinner then decided to take a walk downtown. it was around 10 pm... and since it was easter sunday the place was a ghosttown... well.. as far as regular humans go. for some reason there were a surprising number of wierdos and crackheads and creeps walking around. gav and i didnt say much to each other while on the walk.. just holding hands while gav smoked a ciggy. we passed alot of wierdos that harassed us a bit but we didnt say anything just kept walking, when up ahead of us came this guy. certianly not your average joe. young guy about maybe 20 years old... all dirty with his clothes all torn and he was talking to himself out loud. definately schitzo but the scary part was that he was walking exactly like something out of THE RING or NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.

i was like HOLY SH!T. :shock: but we both put our heads down and kept walking. but then he wouldnt let us pass. he was laughing and talking to himself and staring at us. we had to snake around the guy and as we did his talking got louder and scarier but we kept going faster this time... and when we got about 30 feet from the guy he shouted "GAVIN!!"

we both froze in our feet and turned around and he was staring at us and smiling this insane smile and he yelled again "GAVIN!!!!!"

then he started coming after us!! we took off and eventually lost him but needless to say we were both really shaken. there is NO WAY that he could have known gavs name. we tried to figure out any way that he could have known it.. gav checked for his wallet.. it was there. he wasnt at the resturant or around us at any other time.. and i hadnt spoken gavs name at all that night not even at the airport cause we call each other by pet names of course not by our real names. there is NO WAY he could have known gavs name at all.

personally... i believe in demons. i believe there is alot of sh!t that cant be explained. i believe that (and im sure most will dissagree especially in here) schitsofrenics talk to ghosts and demons and other phenoms that we cant see. if anyone knows anything about necro and the paranormal.. then they can understand what im getting at. gav doenst believe in it and hes very logical.. but he was more shaken than i was. he tried to make every heads or tails out of the situation but always came up short. there was nothing that could explain it. :shock:
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Weird shit happens all the time, well, to me anyway. Not quite that spooky, but weird nontheless.

I wouldn't dare to offer an explanation....although it's plausable that this madman did overhear you calling Gavin by name. It's not something you'd remember is it. What you should remember, however, is that when we can't find 'reasonable' explanations we automatically jump to supernatural conclusions, when there (almost certainly) is an explanation.

Martinelv Corp (tm) - always ready to put the brakes on romantic notions of the supernatural. :twisted:
There is no other way to explain it
Why ?

Do you think thunder is the anger of the gods? :wink:
I don't pretend to know how to explain it. We can make educated guesses, but that's all.

Ah, ignore me. I bore myself. Yes, it was the fairies.
God exists Martin and he loves you very much! Get on your knees and beg for forgiveness!
I get on my knees for nobody. Well, except perhaps for you, darling.
Sebsastian, friend, dare I comment on your post ? Because if you're going to demolish my argument using one of thoses esquisite flowing repostes of yours, then I'm not going to say anyfing, because you make me sound stupid. And I'll stomp off in a terrible huff.


I think it's funny how so many people are willing to disregard the notion of the "supernatural" on the sole premise that it is something that science can't, as yet, explain
First, why is it funny ? Anyway, secondly, what we are dismissing is appeals to something that has absolutely no basis in consensual and recognised reality. We dismiss it in the same way as we do, as adults, Father Christmas. It is less-than-idle-speculation-based-on-tabloid-paranormal-cultural-wonts. Something deep inside me desperatly would love it to be Goblins or whatever, but I can't see any reason for it to be so. Never in the history of paranormal investigations has anything 'spooky' been proved to be other than selective induction (noting the hits, ignoring the misses), illusion, misunderstanding or fraud. I, however, find it funny that people have to put their hands over their mouths when they say 'science' or 'reason'. They seem to think they are dirty words - it's all Genetic Modification, Nuclear Bombs or forcing Beagles to smoke cigarettes in the name of research. Yet I doubt they'd so so ready to dismiss the laws of gravity as they were about to fall off a bridge, or submit to conventional medicine to the realm of quackery when they discover they have appendicitus.

I'm sure they would have exhaustively examined every possible verbal exchange they had
Doubtful. Do you remember how many times you've broke wind today ? Do you remember how many times you've used the word 'purple' ? And, in the heat of the moment, I doubt if SB or Gav remember exactly what they said. I'd put my money on either of them saying something like...'Come on SB/Gavin, let's get out of his way'. Isn't that more sensible than appeals to the fairies ? Unromantic, I know, which is why it's frequently ignored. And lest we forget, our brains are hard-wired to latch onto coincidences and forget the mundane. A good example, for me, was a couple of nights ago when reading Da Quincey's ravaging of Coleridge (I'm a pompus t.w.a.t, I know. Incidently - did you know that T.W.A.T is short for The War Against Terror ? :D ) , when three times in a row I looked at the clock at 11 minutes past the hour. Has that got to do with something supernatural ? Spooky, yes. Unexplicable, I doubt it.

1. Anything is possible. Given infinite time, a sparrow could fly unimpeded through a 50 foot thick concrete wall
This, to paraphrase Homeskooled, is Pop-Quantum Theory, and you are talking about two different things anyway. While Quantum theory indicates that anything 'may' be possible (at the quantum level) it doesn't mean that it 'is' possible if, and this is this is important, the universe existed for an infinate length of time (oh, hang on, you said that), but which accoring to current cosmology, it certainly won't, or has not. If this were the case, we'd see mountains spontaneously disappearing (as is 'possible') or you'd slip through the pavement (which is possible - like your Sparrow - but not because of Quantum Theory - because of the fact that atoms are mostly space, and it is only because of the (strong and weak) nuclear and magnetic forces repel each other that this doesn't happen.) But we don't see these things. We see weeping statues, 'evidence' of telepathy and black cats. So when something 'spooky' happens, the more educated (or desperate) like to attribute it to Quantum Theory. I doubt many Quantum Physicists would agree. Either that, or like everyone who's shipped out to Thailand on the sub-culture boat, it's got something to do with a strange blending of Quantum Theory and Buddhism.

Particles (electrons for example), literally "know" whether people are watching them or not and can make decisions based on this knowledge
You're talking about the Uncertinty Principle here, yes ? If so, what you have said is a human emotive. Sub-atomic particles do not 'know' whether they we looking at them - rather, the direct act of observation (human or not) interferes with their action. So rather than thinking of them as particles or waves, we think of them as fuzzy clouds. Confuses the hell out of me, coz I'm not a not one of the three quarks for muster Mark.

But I agree with you, yet - and this is my most important point I think, while Quantum Theory is almost too incredible to believe, the consequences of this theory can be touched, seen, verified, used....televisions, silicon chips, microwaves. And that's believable enough for me.

Despite my plundering of all things mystical, I don't think I am as creatively barren as people might imagine - the souless, unmagical atheist that I am. Life, the universe and everything has enough to light a fire under the arse of my imagination.

But when there is no other explanation...look further.
What do you mean by 'further' ? :wink: As I understand it, modern science doesn't understand how a Bee can actually fly. By studying it's anatomy and the way their wings beat it seems that's it's physically impossible. Yet they fly, the bastards. How is that possible ?
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Sebastian, you could at least make a spelling mistake, or a tiny little grammatical error. Is that asking too much ?

First of all, are you really such an expert in this field to make this claim, Martin?
I don't have to be an expert, because I'm not the person making the claim. As far as I know, and as far as I'm sure that there is no invisible leprechaun under my bed, no paranormal phenomena has every stood up to scrutiny. Ever. Of course, I expect that's because, as I hear on a regular basis, that paranormal phenomena doesn't 'work' in a strictly controlled environment. Yawn. Even Homeskooled, in our debate regarding clairvoyance, has rationally explained seemingly miraculous events as mere illusion.

And secondly, if it were "proved", wouldn't it then move out of that field and into that of recognized science
Yes, it would. Well, at least it would be moved from the 'paranormal' arena to the 'supernatural' one.

Genetic engeneering, probing the brain to elicit predictible responses, cloning, space travel, radio waves, television waves, microwaves, atom bombs, the predictions of certain natural phenomenon. These are all things that would have been thought of as wacky, had you brought them up over some mutton and mead back in the good ol' days while sitting around the funeral pyre.
I entirely agree. I know what you're saying...keep an open mind...the paranormal, because of the 'weirdness' of Quantum Theory, may have some basis in reality. Sure. Maybe. But isn't it curious that paranormal claims are almost exclusively based on very human hopes, fears, desires. Spirits, aliens, god/s, clairvoyance, astrology, telepathy, numerology..As the saintly Richard Dawkins suggest...'sure, keep an open mind, but not such an open mind that our brains fall out'. I'm going to have that quote on my gravestone...unless I die in an manner where my skull is torn open and my brains do actually fall out. I'm not that insensitive, although it would be a final and delicious act of irony on my part.

In Quantum Theory, as it stands today, everything eventually will happen
I'm not sure that's quite true, even supposing that the universe will exist for an infinite period of time. My understanding is that the Copenhagen interpretation of uncertainty does not entirely do away with certain deterministic rules. Again - I say, it may be possible for anything to happen, but as you say, isn't it stupendously more likely that this 'possibility' will manifest itself in a 'charmed' quark turning into a 'strange' quark, rather than the sparrow flying through a brick wall ? At least in the lifetime of our universe.

In my own strange way, I have been equally culpable of twisting what little I know of Quantum Theory to suit my own emotional needs. When my close friend died, last year, of Leukaemia, I pondered over the 'all possible worlds' idea so loved by Star Trek and science fiction fans, to suppose that given enough people, and given enough time, me and him would meet again. A sort of quantum-reincarnation if you like. I know, and did at the time, that it's poppy-cock, but I stand guilty as charged.

Dammit Martin, quit thinking like a human! If you close your eyes do you know for certain that the world still exists?
If a bear shits in the woods and nobody is there to tread in it, is the pope catholic ? No, I cannot be certain that when I close my eyes that the world ceases to exist, but until the day that happens, I won't worry about it and continue to live in the consensual reality that we all live in. What point are you trying to make ?

this means that sub-atomic particles act as though they are waves until they are measured, and then they become particles. This is really a mind-boggling revelation
Yes, the wave/particle duality certainly is a puzzle - to put it mildly. But again, as I understand it, it is more of an aspect of quantum theory than reality - or rather the inability of anything (ie. us and our paricle accelerators) to measure them with any certainty. But yet - it's still only a puzzle..a very young puzzle...and who's to say they won't figure it out ?
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Don't worry =n, I'm not qualified to speak with authority on any matter. I only have a thin veneer of intelligence, below which is a seething mass of idiocy.
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