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Spongebob vs. Simpsons: Crown the King

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Okay, in all seriousness...i would like to get all of your opinions on what is the better show.

Now admittedly, the simpsons has an extraordinary depth to it's writing, characters, and stories...and for a long, long while was my favourite show on television. But tickle my tummy and colour me yellow if i don't think that that spongebob character is just an adorable little sponge full of laughs.

My vote: Spongebob Squarepants, step right up...

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Ren and Stimpy: Classic cartoon. I loved it sooo much as a kid. Never missed the show on Saturday night Nick.

Simpson: Okay. Not that into it. My husband watches and my daughter tells him it's a bad show.

SpongeBob: Great. I think it's got adult jokes as well as children. I can't wait to see the movie. :D My best friend, her daughters are really into SpongBob that I'm sending her a SpongeBob remote controll for Christmas.

But don't forget the classic cartoons; Heman, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Teenage Muntant Ninja Turttles, and I can't remember the name of it, but the sience show that used to be on Saturday mornings. Not Bill Nye but the other one with the rat.

Does anyone remember the garbage pale kids? I've been watching VH-1's 80's shows. There is so much I had that I forgot about. :roll: Oh, to be a kid again.
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