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Spongebob vs. Simpsons: Crown the King

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Okay, in all seriousness...i would like to get all of your opinions on what is the better show.

Now admittedly, the simpsons has an extraordinary depth to it's writing, characters, and stories...and for a long, long while was my favourite show on television. But tickle my tummy and colour me yellow if i don't think that that spongebob character is just an adorable little sponge full of laughs.

My vote: Spongebob Squarepants, step right up...

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The Simpsons is the greatest show ever created, in my most bestest opinion. It's simply the funniest, has the best writing, timing... the animation is superb and perhaps the most developed animated personality ever to exist in our Universe.... The voice acting is beyond superb, so distinct and full of Life....

I've raved before but I still must. The show did die many years ago, but in its prime, nothing beat it. Season 5 dvd comes out shortly and oh I cannot wait.

Spongebob just isn't my thing, but I haven't really seen it. It looks amusing, but nowhere near Simpsons as far as overal value goes (but I could be largely mistaken). Family Guy is also excellent, but not quite near The Simpsons genius (though later Family Guy's pummel later Simpsons). Futurama is also a good show. Ziggo mentioned Aquateen above and that show is also hilarious and worthy of consideration, heh.

But Simpsons will always be in my heart, held in a place no other show will ever take. (or not likely)

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