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Spongebob vs. Simpsons: Crown the King

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Okay, in all seriousness...i would like to get all of your opinions on what is the better show.

Now admittedly, the simpsons has an extraordinary depth to it's writing, characters, and stories...and for a long, long while was my favourite show on television. But tickle my tummy and colour me yellow if i don't think that that spongebob character is just an adorable little sponge full of laughs.

My vote: Spongebob Squarepants, step right up...

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I give a helluva lota props to the Simpsons...their Halloween episodes probably beat anything Spongebob has punched out. If you want to compare best episodes, it would be the Simpsons hands down...but overall, i have to give the nod to Spongebob.

Spongebob is such a great character. He's just one of those guys who floats through life and is somehow protected from it's evils with a shell of innocent obliviousness. He's like a naive Bugs Bunny. And Patrick! His stupidity puts Homer's to shame.

I guess what i like most about Spongebob...and don't get me wrong, i love the Simpsons...but i think why i like SB better, is that it's so devoid of bereft of any kind of formula or strategy to make one laugh. Like, they can have an entire episode about the stupidest little thing and it's just so effortlessly hilarious...just by being there in Bikini Bottom and watching them do nothing.

And SB is someone that i can totally sympathize with. I mean, i really want things to work out well for him. I'm not sure i can say that about anyone in the Simpsons.

And Ren and Stimpy, Ziggy...for shame...for shame. Never in my life did i so much as crack a smile at that show that just seems to try so desperately hard to be be be clever...but it's just stupid. Family Guy and Futurama are kind of amusing at times, although i don't watch them that much.

Anyway, that's all...i just hope no one puts in a vote for Fraggle Rock.

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SoulBrotha said:
I agree...especially with the mostly part.

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