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Spinning Within
by Amy MaryJane McFate

I have always been unmoored
and too trusting of the wind that kisses the moon
who then kisses the sea
and makes it laugh
so the tides bubble tumble onto an empty beach.

I loved school
despite the other children
who saw the pale, silent child who wore my face
and thought her made of ice and hubris.
I am made of stardust just like everybody else.

I have always been a dancer
and too beguiled by the sequined danced of notes
that are ever-falling into Apollo's dome of siren cotillions
to stay on a path.
I never really quite know where I am.
I never care very much.
There is always something to be curious about.

Sometimes others dance with me
and sometimes I dance along
but mostly I spin in an infinite me,
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