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Hello everyone,
This is my first post on here but I need some advice from fellow sufferers of DPD. I’m a first year Uni student and since I moved away from home and my routine has significantly changed, my DPD has been worse but I felt I was getting to grips with it.
That being said… I went to the club on Tuesday and was spiked. Luckily I was with my flatmates the whole time and they took great care of me but the drug (still not sure what it was) was definitely a dissociative drug. I could feel it at the time then I started losing consciousness so don’t remember much else except just being really weak and defenseless. Since then, my DPD has just been a lot worse and it’s affecting my sleep, which is then affecting my studies, and I’m doing Medicine so it’s a pretty full on course. Has anyone had a similar experience and has anyone got any advice. I’ve had DPD for 6 years but it’s just worse since this incident.

thank you!
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