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Spending to much time on here

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When I found this site I thought wow, this is what I have been suffering from for the past I dont know how many years. What I had been trying to explain to my GP and Family about how I was feeling (without success) was finally here in black and white.

I have now come to the conclusion that It's all to do with anxiety and stress. The DR kicks in when things get too much.

I started logging on everyday just to read the posts for any helpful advice on how to get rid off this thing (DR). I would like to say that a lot off the posts on here helped me, but some of them not so much. ( Like the ones that say "I've had DP/DR for 20 years etc" ). I hope I dont offend anyone, but some of you on here are trying to hard and are going way too deep. The solution I have found is not to look in to things too much. Stop obsessing and paying the dr/dp too much attention. This is certainly the key for me anyway. I have found lately that the less I visit the website the better I feel. Im not saying to leave the site completely, just return to it now and again for some reassurance etc. I have found that I am already getting closer to reality just by doing this and the dr is slowly unravelling itself from around me. The glass pane is cracking!!!
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Sounds like good advice.Ive been on the board a lot in the last 2 days,shit weather and a couple of days off I find the board useful is reading recovery stories,people who are improoving and indeed posts from people locked in the horrors of this condition;acts as a reminder of how much I've improoved over the years.there is always someone worse than you no matter how bad things seem to be.Its also a wakeup call to stop being selfish in your suffering and do something.The act of posting in itself is another way of expressing yourself and getting rid of toxidity and stagnation.Plus most of the people here are sincere and genuine,all looking for a way out of dp/dr land.gr8 to hear another success story.Keep on truckin!!!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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