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To be brief with this story, i am glad I found this community of fellow DP/DR souls.

DP/DR is a very surreal feeling to have every second of your life. The moment you open your eyes in the morning, the feeling is there. You constantly ask your self, why are you feeling this way. The more you ask the more DR/DP you feel. Everywhere you go, everything you see, its unreal. When you stare at peoples faces, it seems so surreal. I tend to tell people, are you real?

People always tell me to describe how DP /DR feels. I always respond to them, well, its not what I feel, its the sense of life itself.

It is like DP enhances your view, perception 1,000x times! I tell them it feels like I just drank 100 cups of coffee and the rush you get doesn't go away, it stays. That's what DP feels like. It is still hard to describe to them what it feels like. Even distractions, are very hard to do. DP/DR is there, like a concrete shadow hovering you at all times.

Can this be symptopn of schizophrenia?

Does Depression and DP/DR have a correlation?

How is it we go trough the motions every day and still feel DR/DP?

Have you tried prayer or gone to church to see if DR/DP dissipates?

Have you tried 5htp?

Funny questions:

Are we super heroes?

Are we Philosophers?

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