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speaking to myself - is this unhealthy?

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I've had what I belive was referred to in another thread as "broken record thinking" in that I tend to rehearse conversations with myself that may or may not occur in the future. I have been doing this a very long time and it was associated with my inner fantasy life that I would often escape to, but is more often simply a method of organizing streams of thoughts that tend to get out of hand. I NEVER speak to myself aloud, whether im in public or not. This is all in my head. It worries me because it has become such a fluid thing. I'll simply slip into a conversation as both the person who is speaking and the person who is being spoken to, but will normally only act my part. My problem is I can be going somewhere having these streams of thoughts, inner conversations and monlogues and then not remember my trip or car ride. My head tends to get so wrapped up in things that I cant focus on the here and now. Sorry for the long post, I just hope that I'm not suffering from some kind of delusional thinking. Thanks for any replies.
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I've always done this, too, even years before I had Dp. I can even remember doing it as a young child. It's never been a problem for me, even when I can't remember car rides, etc.. I think that as long as it doesn't happen to me when I'm driving or doing something dangerous (which it doesn't), then it's a virtue. I love to feel organised.

If I'm in public when I mime and I wonder if anyone saw me, I quickly dismiss that thought and think, "Sod what other people think, anyway!"
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