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Speaking doesn’t feel like it’s coming from me please help

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I can’t get over this symptoms I don’t know if I’ve damaged my brain that processes that my speech originated from me or I’m psychotic , but Eversongle time I speak it’s like I can hear my voice but I have no choice what I want to say or got no connection to it like I can just hear my voice and me speaking , but my brain is completely silent not thoughts and words are coming out , I really can’t get over this symptom or accept it because it’s to strange it’s like I have no control over what I say or get to process what I say , and I feel like I’ve started speaking awkward saying stuff. I wouldn’t normally say or rubbish conversation , and because my brain is completely blank as I’m speaking it’s the wierdest sensation like I’m just observer of someone’s life speaking because I have no thoughts please say somone else experiences this
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