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I have read lots of info on past posts about feeling ghostlike. Does this include your mind?

My conscious mind feels spacey, like it is a huge chasm which is open to the outside world. It also feels unreal, like it isnt part of me. When I try to rationalise this feeling it makes me very confused.

Does this dp have many 'faces'.

It seems that whenever I get used to one symptom and learn to cope with it, another comes along to scare me.

I get so desperate. I feel as though, now I have experienced this, nothing will ever be the same again because I can never forget how it feels.

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yea i feel like i will never return to normalcy, like i forgot what its like. when actually i have lived most of my life normal so how can i forget, but i have. it just has been so long. its just really hard to accept having this when everyone else see's you as normal. for me sleep is the best time for me. my dreams actually feel more real than my life. anything can happen in my dreams and there actually more fun then i wake up and its hell again.
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