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Hello Everyone!

So my story is basically the same with everyone I guess, smoked weed and then a couple weeks later I woke up to feeling constantly spaced out!

I don't have any memory or cognition problems, and I am normal with my emotional responses, even though I feel detached from loved ones at times but I guess I have a positive outlook generally on this, I mean we have to feel in the moment at the end of the day,right? :) but I feel like I have a mild high and that my head doesn't feel 'normal'.

Also I don't know why but somehow I realized that I'm NOT having ANY headaches or my normal migraines (which I have once a month) at all now- that's how I know my head feels abnormal and weird...I am the type of person prone to normal headaches at any time during the day, the fact that my head feels 'full of something, whatever that is' makes me realize that I'm not normal...

I also have an incredibly stiff neck, where the neck meets the body, but I am assuming one time smoke wouldnit develop any particular disease over there...I;m guessing it is just anxiety...

Does anyone have similar symptoms, especially with the headaches/migraines? Does this mild spaced out feeling look like weed induced DR?

Please please reassure me that we are at least on the right page here....!!!

Thank you and looking forward to your responses...


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I can't tell you, but the symptoms seem to match.

Stiff neck, well that's often tension, anxiety causes tension, so i wouldn't worry about that as a thing, treat the rest, that will come, IMO.

Similar that they HAD headaches and DON'T now?

The spaced out thing is what I can tell you, from what I experienced, yep DP/Anxiety. Stress response in a lot of cases..

Sorry i can't add much, but yeah, sounds like it, you seem like not too deep into it. Just from what you write and how it seems to seem a little off, but not major, I've felt a lot worse and the high as feeling wore off, so from what i've experienced (which is not over, but the spaced out thing is) ... the spaced out thing went away with a lot of distraction, time, grounding and not giving a ****. That's my first advice to you, keep living, if you don't reinforce it, know that everything is sweet, it will hopefully fade.

I am can't tell the future, but if that's the only thing, for me that took at least a year (this is not a negative thing, just know it took a bit of time for me, might take you just a few months, who knows)i did not seem to make much head way, but it did pass, the first 6 months were horrible felt like i floated everywhere... but now i never get that, so yeah I think you are on the right page, stay away from drugs, I don't even think medication at this stage is right, but i am not a doctor. Lower your anxiety first, see if you see improvements

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Thank you very much for your response, I truly appreciate it, I feel much more calm and some sort of strong belonging to this community here when I feel that i can talk to others who go through this in similar or different ways :)

It is amazing (well, perhaps not but in the sense that it is unbelievable) to experience how our brains are capable of protecting us in a manner that surprises us fully haha, I honestly started to find this very amusing as ridiculous as it sounds =D

Well, normally when/if I miss a meal time or drink less water than I'm supposed to drink, I have these daily headaches that I just feel, they can be triggered by any lack of food or sleep, just like in a lot if people perhaps, but I guess I'm a bit more sensitive in that sense! and since this spaced out feeling started, all headaches are gone now, it is as if my head feels full of...something I can't understand.

I had stressed out for the last two years for thinking that I'm not good enough for my family when there is actually no reason for me to think that at all and also had cried at nights sometimes over death scenarios of my loved ones and relatives, they happened randomly before I go to sleep...guess you may call that some sort of depression( even though I didn't have any mood changes or anything during the days, but doing more repetitive, negative thinking and constant negative scenarios in my head for no reason at all) ....well, being young has its ups and downs it seems uups! and then this one month I had to have a brain MRI for the thinning of my nerve cells in my eyes, which stressed me out incredibly...just opened my eyes for a second in that machine and thought I was dying or something....which even shocked me, as i'm normally pretty calm in these machines as it was not my first time...but anyways, after that experience, something was triggered, also i guess weed was another factor accelerating it, and the next day I woke up to feeling this mild spaced out looking down on the floor from a camera lens slightly!

I guess these sort of physical anxiety symptoms happen when the brain gets too tired from thinking? Also, sometimes when I get too excited or so, I have these weird sensations at the back of my head? Perhaps I need to control my excitement levels or so...

I have been over those hopeless feelings for some time now, no negative scenarios anymore, have just been focusing on the moment :) , so it really doesn't matter for me if this feeling takes years or more, as long as I get to reach towards my dreams and see, feel, touch, i know I will be perfectly fine :)

Also have been trying to exercise, meditate but just as different hobbies, not thinking that something is wrong with me- as that type of thinking would simply reinforce more stress and anxiety i think!

Thank you very very much for your response, I will look into more methods as to how to reduce stress, just as information perhaps, it is very kind of you, you have no idea how much hope you gave me :) I don't know about your symptoms fully but I truly hope and I am sure that you will get passed this and be fully recovered- every one of us will be! :)
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