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Soundtracks anyone?

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I just went out last night and bought the soundtrack to Run Lola Run. Its one of the best foreign films I've seen (in my opinion) other than a rare 1980's Polish movie called The Leper. Anyways, I love soundtracks, and this has some great German techno. I used to collect them as a kid, and set the magic shows I did to music, alot like David Copperfield does. I used to love Ben Hur, Empire Strikes Back, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and Beauty and the Beast. I remember I used the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade track when I made my brother disappear. One of the coolest recent soundtracks I've picked up was for Meet Joe Black. Other recent greats were the dance mixes from Night at the Roxbury and the piano pieces in A Beautiful Mind . Does anyone else here really love movie themes? Because they dont have words, I find them great to listen to while I'm working on papers or reading, and nothing beats them for choreographing something on a stage. Just a bit of trivia - David Copperfield tends to use alot of music from the Alien movies for his shows.

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