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Song Association Game

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Mary Had a Little Lamb - Some school kids and Shelly. :D
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Ninnu, thanks for explaining, I like to learn about languages.

Why Should I Cry-Nona Hendrix
Rainy Night In Georgia-Randy Crawford
The Night the Lights When Out in Georgia : Reba MCEntire
The Night Santa Went Crazy : Weird Al

I love his songs....I know almost every single one. Be listening to him since I was really little 8)
I love that song ^ :D I sing to it every Christmas

Material Girl - Madonna
Like A Surgen - Weird Al

(a parody of Like a Vergin by Madonna)
Dr Beat-Miami Sound Machine
Turn the Beat Around - Miami Sound Machine also? or was it Gloria Estevan by then?
Our Lips Are Sealed : Go Go's

(Hope I spelled everything right...I just used to love danceing to the Go Go's when I was like five....they were my favorite band) 8)
I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus - sung by Everyone known to mankind :D
41 - 60 of 409 Posts
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