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Sometimes I really wonder

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I wonder, sometimes just how pyschological this stuff really is. I make the mistake of believing there must be a physical root to all this..

Half the conversations around me are not processed, Spend alot of time daydreaming. I will hear something on the radio that will trigger a whole scenario of daydreaming in my head.. and pretty soon I am lost in this daydream world.

I used to be able to concentrate on several things at one time, but now if I am listening to the TV, or radio I can't keep up with what people are saying, If I listen to what they are saying I can't keep up with what is on TV.

I have had a brain MRI.... nothing abnormal there... but I just don't like the way I can't pay attention as much as I used too....

I keep looking for reasons for being this way... I just want someone to come crack me real hard on the head so i could forget that I ever had this. I just want the return of me all the time everday, grounded fully aware.....
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indeed,there must be a way.that is the mantra we all should loop on bad days,replaced with this is the way on good ones.specifically,what the way is probably varies for different people,but for those of little faith and great fear,reading recovery stories and applying the wizdom is the path.other than that,we can only slip deeper and deeper into the trance,chaos,indecisiveness and sterility of dp/dr,fruitlessly searching for questions that have no answers.
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