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Sometimes I really wonder

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I wonder, sometimes just how pyschological this stuff really is. I make the mistake of believing there must be a physical root to all this..

Half the conversations around me are not processed, Spend alot of time daydreaming. I will hear something on the radio that will trigger a whole scenario of daydreaming in my head.. and pretty soon I am lost in this daydream world.

I used to be able to concentrate on several things at one time, but now if I am listening to the TV, or radio I can't keep up with what people are saying, If I listen to what they are saying I can't keep up with what is on TV.

I have had a brain MRI.... nothing abnormal there... but I just don't like the way I can't pay attention as much as I used too....

I keep looking for reasons for being this way... I just want someone to come crack me real hard on the head so i could forget that I ever had this. I just want the return of me all the time everday, grounded fully aware.....
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yea me 2, like if my mom starts talkin to me, i can't pay attention most of the time. its horrible.
yea i wish i can reboot and end this crap..
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