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Somethings changed..

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I’ve been suffering with SEVERE derealization for months now, I’ve never experienced it as bad as this, I didn’t even recognise my surroundings, my partner, it felt like I’d just been placed on this planet randomly and I was a stranger. I was on sertraline which was slowly increased to 200mg, I personally found my dr WORSE with each increase but I persevered. I’ve just had a medication change last week, they are weaning me off the sertraline and put me on a very low dose of Haliperidol, I was every sceptical but I do feel like it’s already slightly improved my dr symptoms. I feel slightly more grounded, I can go periods without thinking about dp and existential thoughts, I feel my dp is already slightly more manegable than it was. It’s not completely diminished by any means and it’s still uncomfortable, but not unbareable every second like it was.
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in my case the benefit lasted even after I stopped the meds

I actually think that antidepressant withdrawal causes DP like in my case and then the antipsychotics help . to me this is like a marketing strategy of the pharma industry . I made be a bit paranoid thinking like this but it does seem to be the case really

thats why when you stop a med you should stop VERY slowly and do a therapy while you are taking meds . if you take ssri and mix it with alcohol and pot and then abruptly stop them you will be in a world full of pain like I was (and still to a certain point am)
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