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my neighbour who is about the age of 28 suffers badly from anxiety/depression/panic...hes been suffering since he was the age of 14,i was talking to him the other day and he was sitting reading a book...i asked him

'how are you mate'

he replies

'this bastard anxiety'

i said

'yeh i know what you meen its a bitch'

he said, i just say to myself

'go on then you bastard ball of anxiety do you fuckin worst'

believe me it helps

Actually,Dr Claire Weekes wrote in her books that we should say"bring it on,do your worst" or something like that.

I agree Jc it might not be a cure but sometimes we feel more empowered to imagine doing battle other than allowing it to beat us down.

Good for you Martin.
When my son was seriously ill.My slightly street wise partner stood in intensive care and wispered into his ear"fight like hell".

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Definately works for me, most of the time. Either that or I kind of pompusly dismiss it with something like...'Oh for christs sake, I haven't got time'.

I remember once, when I was staying with a girlfriend in Manchester, pretending to be normal. I was hit by a severe attack of DR, and I mean severe, so I excused myself and locked myself in the toilet. In the complete dark, I stared into the blackness and f*****g TAUNTED my demon (I usually personalise my problems) to come out and fight. He didn't, that time, and I felt my anxiety slowly slip away. I then returned to the room and made my girlfriend feel like a woman, for the second time that night, after she did the dishes.

There ain't nothing to fear apart from ourselves.
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