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Something I wrote

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Just a little something I wrote for myself and I figured I'd share.

Hey you there can you see me?
What am I, what are you ,
This isn't easy..
This is a thing called life, is that true?

I feel like I'm walking on air
Tell me, can you do something?
Run your fingers through my hair
Please just make my mind stop running

I just want to feel alive
I'll do Whatever it takes
My minds sharper than knives
All I can think of is it because of my own mistakes?

Everyone around me thinks I'm Ok but I feel like I'm walking in my own plane
I'm choking on my words and my mind aches
It's like there's a cloud in my head with constant rain

I'll tell you this is one hell of a ride
Looking for answers, but Am I even here?
They say ride the waves but this is a riptide
When will be the day that I can finally see clear?

I want to but my heads in the clouds
My body aches like I have arthritis
Am I crazy for thinking out loud?
No I'm not, and I'm gonna fight this.
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