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something i had a while back

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with dp people always speak of places seeming strange etc .. i feel like this abit with myself in the mirror but places do feel like home to me, but ive had 2 episodes where i woke up and felt like id just got back from holiday and everything just seemed completely non home like .. like ive just come into this town and its the first time ive seen it, they both lasted and died after about 2 weeks, but is what i explanned what alot of u feel all the time?? i have dp/dr very strongly but and i probably feel a little more dissociated than most but those episode were sooo horrible,

another thing i used to and still do a little is always think people are putting drugs in my food, drink etc.... whats with that whole paranoide thing, ive made myself stop doing that stupid thing but is that more ocd than dp??

cheers jamie
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i can relate to the posion thing. makes me realise i must've had OCD alot longer than i thought.
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