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So I’m sitting here at lunch at work trying to think of anything in my past that could of really set my DP into motion. I remember I was driving my friend home from work one day and I remember thinking to myself. “I better appreciate reality right now cause it will change soon enough” I don’t know why I thought that and honestly it’s a little scary. Was I destined for this? Is there anyway to get the old me back? I almost got out of it in septmember/October but unfortunately relapsed. Started to feel better after relapse and now I’m back to square and am really scared. I sort of just feel stuck. I’m too scared to tell my parents because I don’t want them to worry. For some reason my mind just keeps telling me there’s no way out and I’m stuck. I guess that could some depression or anxiety. It sucks because yesterday on Christmas I felt the worst I’ve felt in months. I just don’t know what to do. Sorry for the long post. Just feel like I’m out of options.
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