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Someone helllppppp

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety only. I have never been to a psychiatrist just my primary doctors. I have been prescribed zanex, zoloft, and buspar which i currently take. I have always thought I had more then just anxiety because of how intense my panic attacks are and how none of the medications ever work completely for me. Every morning i wake up and the first thing i do is always hope its going to be a "good" day and i wasn't ganna freak out. Most days i feel like complete shit and i just want to be home all the time. Being home and sleeing is the only thing that i feel comfortable. Little things like driving and goin to the store or even out to eat i can barely do anymore. All of the symptoms i have read about on here and google and stuff is exactly what i feel but i have also took those little dumb quizzes for other menal illnesses and i always score a high score on all of them but i dont hear voices or see things that are not really there. So i know im not completely insane. Lately everything has taken a turn and become completely terrifying every day to even go to work is the last thing i want to do. I had to leave early today because i was freaking out. I feel like my hands are not mine and when i talk i feel like im listening to myself instead of being normal like i used to and having normal conversations. I hate talking to people i hate going out. I just feel like i am completely crazy and im ganna become psychotic and be sent to the mental institution for the rest of my life. AM I GOING CRAZY? can someone tell me whats wrong with my please i can't handle this struggle to do anything anymore. I just dont know if i can deal with it all i do is cry and want to be by myself. Any advice before i go nuts and completely ruin any hope for being normal again..?

oh and i have no idea how to use this website todays my first day so bear with me.
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One of the biggest things to overcome are obsession of yourself and the world, and anxiety, both of which are kind of similar in that the latter stems from obsession. If you can truly distract yourself to the point of which you cannot possibly obsess or overanalyze, then your anxiety will go down by a noticeable margin and you will feel The trick is just to have fun. Go out, hang out with multiple people, party, work at your job vigorously and literally just distract yourself. But, you musn't think of distracting yourself. You just have to do it. Because when you actively check if you are distracted or make sure you don't think too much about things, guess what, you aren't distracted anymore. And chances are the good time you were just having will be taken over by negative thoughts and you will return to homebase. So basically, do what you can to control OCD behavior, which will consequently reduce anxiety. Another personal piece of advice is just to accept it. The more you upset yourself over how you feel the worse. All you have to do is just ignore those feelings and you will feel better. It may take time, but you will. And as far as your questioning of sanity goes, you are not insane. Psychopaths never question if they are insane because they don't know they are insane. If you think you are insane, then chances are you aren't because you can compare what you are to an insane person. Which means you are normal, just a little distressed, which is still normal by today's standards. And like another member had posted, try to connect to your past before you began feeling like this. Search for the actual emotions and feelings that you associate with those memories. One thing that never fails to bring back memories is smell. Strange but true. The same part of your brain that stores smells is right next to the part of your brain that stores emotions associated with memories. If you smell something now that you'd smelled in your childhood, I promise you those emotions will slap you in the face. I'm not sure how therapeutic that is, but I think it can help you reconnect to some degree. Really hope this helps!

Also, if there is medication I may suggest, I'd definitely recommend St John's Wort if you can.

However, you must get the right kind. Here's the best brand you can get.

It has been clinically tested and is the most effective/consistent brand. Well worth it from personal experience, even if it means going off your current medications. For me, it improved many aspects of my life with no side effects. Good luck.
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