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Someone helllppppp

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I have been diagnosed with anxiety only. I have never been to a psychiatrist just my primary doctors. I have been prescribed zanex, zoloft, and buspar which i currently take. I have always thought I had more then just anxiety because of how intense my panic attacks are and how none of the medications ever work completely for me. Every morning i wake up and the first thing i do is always hope its going to be a "good" day and i wasn't ganna freak out. Most days i feel like complete shit and i just want to be home all the time. Being home and sleeing is the only thing that i feel comfortable. Little things like driving and goin to the store or even out to eat i can barely do anymore. All of the symptoms i have read about on here and google and stuff is exactly what i feel but i have also took those little dumb quizzes for other menal illnesses and i always score a high score on all of them but i dont hear voices or see things that are not really there. So i know im not completely insane. Lately everything has taken a turn and become completely terrifying every day to even go to work is the last thing i want to do. I had to leave early today because i was freaking out. I feel like my hands are not mine and when i talk i feel like im listening to myself instead of being normal like i used to and having normal conversations. I hate talking to people i hate going out. I just feel like i am completely crazy and im ganna become psychotic and be sent to the mental institution for the rest of my life. AM I GOING CRAZY? can someone tell me whats wrong with my please i can't handle this struggle to do anything anymore. I just dont know if i can deal with it all i do is cry and want to be by myself. Any advice before i go nuts and completely ruin any hope for being normal again..?

oh and i have no idea how to use this website todays my first day so bear with me.
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very true, but I do understand how hard it is to do normal tasks when you feel unreal and DP'd.
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