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Hey everyone,

I preface this by saying obviously don't try this unless you're quite sure a micro dose of weed won't send you over the edge again. I would start with even half a mg if your even considering this. The reason I share it is because it has truly offered me some relief at times. It's no silver bullet obviously.

I started dating this girl about two months ago who goes to MA to get edibles and brings them back to NY (upstate) where I am. The thing about the edibles she gets are they are all really low doses, much lower than I would expect anybody to be selling but what do I know I've been living under a rock with this disorder. Anyways she had a tincture which was 1.5 mg and chocolates which were 3mg so I started taking those in the morning on a regular basis and I did notice something about the particular effects on my thought patterns which other prescribed medications weren't really doing anymore.

There was a time I remember when I first went on Prozac that it good and well "ripped" me from my "stupor" of constant negative thinking if that's what you want to call it. Something similar happens with lose doses of edible marijuana. Let me state that it's all about the dose here and I've even had times where 3mg was too much and I felt pretty uncomfortable which is the exact opposite of what we're all trying to do here but its like this. I take an edible and get just kind of a background high and I notice I'm always sitting the same way in the same area of the room and maybe need to stretch a little or for example it just interrupts my negative thought pattern with a more positive one. I'm up and moving around instead of regurgitating the same irritated thinking patterns.

Nothing enormous but just notable considering how hard it is to find any kind of relief from this disorder. Again I'll say you'll have to find some place that sells low measurable does weed or you could do way more damage than good but I think from now on I'll have edible weed in my arsenal just because it allows me to be sensitive and relaxed again and allows me to let my guard down which before would be nearly impossible.

Also I'm not such a dick too which has gone along way in helping my self esteem. After being on edge for 10 years you're gonna be grumpy and that can be a relief too knowing you can be a little bit nicer to the world.

Thanks for listening.
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