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some things i wanted to write

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Can dp be driven completely by depression? I dont get anxiouse, at all! what happened is i had dr for a long time and got drunk alot which made me depressed then i drunk more dp started a little, then my x cheated on me then i got drunk untill i was in a fucking mess! at that point i was soo bad i had to find out what was wrong.. (somehow after 4 years i hadnt found out i had dp) after i found out, i slowed down drinking and know i dont drink at all, my depression has gone and my dr/dp seem like there trying soo hard to stay but i think there loseing. There is a big history of anxiouse poeple in my family and my personality isnt actually anything like them about from the obsessing, i dont get scared to drive my car, or work, or any social things like my mum. Im taking b6 and 5-htp and living healthy and i feel great! ive deff still got dp cus if i stop for a second i can feel it, but i never stop long enough to let it do much... just get the 2 second horry crap feelings, you know the fuckers! I think the key to recovery is not putting ur self in any position that can make u get anxiouse or depressed, i know thats pretty damm hard but try as best as possible. Dont go out and get drunk have a hangover that makes u feel anxious and depressed and then moan about not getting any better. Dp is all about evoiding it, like me im sure alot of people think that facing it all the way to the end and going practically insane might cure u like something off a film, but thats not gonna help, it will make u realise that u cant make yourself go crazy but it will just remind your self of what ur trying to forget. anyway ive sorta gone off topic lol... sorry its not paragraphed and all correct , but I was too busy thinking about the meaning of everything in school :lol: peace jay
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Rektchordz said:
Dont go out and get drunk have a hangover that makes u feel anxious and depressed and then moan about not getting any better.
How long do I have to not drink for it to lessen my DP?? Cuz I force myself to go all the work week without drinking so I can make money and pay bills etc. I freak out on the way to work, at work, and on the way home from work... and then at home. So on the weekend I feel I deserve one night of drinking. I've gone three weeks without alcohol recently and it didn't help. I used to not drink at all and I don't think my DP was any better than... Who knows, I have a bad memory.

Well sorry for not answering your question. I don't have many answers just many more questions myself. How do you go about distracting yourself constantly? I wish I could do that.
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