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Hi Everyone,
I am just posting because I thought I may have some advice or help to offer. I am 18 years old, and while I'm not sure if I ever actually had DP, I used to have this sensation (and once in a while still do) that I was concioius of everything I was saying, that nothing I was saying was coming naturally but rather I was thinking about it as I was saying it, and this weighed upon me as a very heavy burden that I couldnt just be natural and myself and I felt like I sounded like a freak in every conversation. I just wanted to be myself, act naturally, and hang out with freinds like anyone else would. I would also sometimes have this senstaion when I was doing things by myself, (not only in conversation), and it would affect the way I did them. SO again, I dont knwo if this was actually DP related or not, but when I told my mom about my problem and she found out about DP, she thought it might be related and I thought maybe slightly also, even if it was not actual DP.
ANyway, what I mainly wanted to say was that I told myself the following thing: when you are in a conversation, even thopuigh you are thinking about the things you are saying, jsut say them anyway, and odds are, even if youre thinking about the words as they're coming out of your mouth, the person you're talking to will not notice, or maybe notice only a very slight slight awkwardness in the things you are saying. then, once you get started in this conversation, after a few sentences you will please GOd be too engrossed in the conversation to think about what you are saying--it will be moving too fast--and things will just flow naturally. in other words, it is a way of ignoring the "DP" or whatever I was feeling, I dont know if it was DP or not. I felt detqached from my words, but I just said them anyway and then they began to flow. Same thing with teh things I was doing--I just started doing them despitethe feeligns and then you just kind of get into them. Plus, no one even really notices it initially when you are speaking with what you think is awkwardness--it is more in your head than in theirs.
Basically, try and just get it as out of your head as you can. Keep yourself busy, keep talkikng, keep doing, and even if you wake up with it morning after morning, keep pushing and doing and busy and eventually, with GOd's help, you will hopefully get it significantly less in your head.
It really can go away, really really. I really thought it wouldn't also, and that my whole life would be greatly affected, but it really it possible to overcome it! Every person has his own problems, and this is one that been given to you, but God also gives people ways to deal with problems!
All the best.

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hey there, dontworry, welcome to the site. your description of your problem does sound very similar to dp. i guess it doesn't really matter what it was just so long as you've found a way to cope with it, eh? and good for you for figuring out how to just focus your attention somewhere else (besides your own head)...that is something i'd like to be able to do better.

thanks for sharing your story with us :D
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