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It's all real. At the end of the day. I am thinking and feeling and typing this right now , and deep down you know it and that's why it scares you when you think things aren't real because your human instinct that you have says it's not natural to think things aren't real.

IF IT WAS INDUCED , weed drugs, anything like that IT WILL GO AWAY .
I was so deep into dp dr my life was a physical dream. Vision was a 2d painting and my spirit was trailing out of my body. Head so cloudy. Couldn't think clear.
The more you fall back into normalness it'll go away. You know why? Because If your doing something you don't like your going to dissasociate. Be kind to your body, what if you were truly going through something horrible? Would you want it to feel real? It's looking out for you it's just registered wrong.
Blind people can't see , deaf people can't hear, at the end of the day they still know it's real. I felt a lot I might ass well be blind with dr. ITS ALL REAL, ITS STILL IN FRONT OF YOU, your mind is just processing stimuli wrong. Why do you have anxiety all the time now? Because the threat is everywhere .. your now afraid of your surroundings because it looks odd.. your now afraid of yourself because you feel your not in your body.. it's always with you. When the sensation goes away so will the anxiety. I've had dp dr from weed in summers and got over it quickly because I was enjoying life and not doing something I hated. What happened when it was induced at the first onto of school the next year? Had it for months .. because I woke up every morning going somewhere I didn't enjoy and already wanted to "tune out" which is dissociating. If people have plain old anxiety that causes dp did, just try your hardest to keep the anxiety down and deal with the few challenging times you can't.

Existential thoughts?
Your feeling odd sensations and your mindis trying to make rational sense of it causing you to think bizarre things. At the end of the day , ALL SUFFERERS HAVE HAD THEM. And most recovered. Lots of people have recovered folks! We just seem hopeless because everyone on this site needs help! And online too! People that have had it for years? Born with it? They were born with it .. and usually find ways to cope because it's all they've known. So it doesn't bother them as much. If it does , there's a drug called naxalone that I don't avrually recommend unless your at a witts end or feel your never getting out.. I've never experienced it but personally I've heard it does wonders for dissaciating. I always felt it was better to have a "drug that could help" on the back of my mind for "worst case scenarios" just for comfort. And that thought did help . I had existential thoughts even after my dp was over .. and after my anxiety lowered and I fell back into normalness it didn't affect me anymore.

Don't look up. Trigger warning. Spare yourself. I have an entire post on it that you just have to look up. If your deep in slopsism .. know it too shall pass . It did for me and I was deep. It's titled "overcame slopsism , slopsism recovery, refuting the impossible"

Get off these sites unless it's recovery stories. Get off the internet. Reading peoples symptoms.. will make them contagious. Your brain will naturally wonder if you have the same thing and compare and then boom you start having anxiety over stuff you never would've thought. My dp dr started so simple with bizarre sensations and some normal weird thoughts and then got blew out of the water from reading too much.

I WENT THROUGH IT ALL. AND CAME OUT RECOVERED AND NORMAL. From crying to my mom , to in class, to my boyfriend , to going to therapists, to losing myself in school. To being excited for the future. There's hope.

We're just lucid dreamers , and that's okay cause we're all going to wake up.
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