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Some insite please!!!

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I was wondering if anyone else had this issue. I've had a lot of stress on me lately and it seems that sometimes when I am writing I will skip a letter and write the next letter first. For instance..I will be wanting to write school and I will write chool. Also I started stressing over doing that and now I seem to be messing up on my typing a lot more now too. Does anyone get instances like this? I have convinced myself I have a neurological disorder because of it.
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Well, i don't know much about it but it's possible you could have dyslexia. But i wouldn't worry about it since such benefits to society as Albert Einstein and Tom Cruise also have dyslexia and have overcome it.

please realize that while tom cruise does have dyslexia, i do not really consider him an enormous benefit to society, and would never use him in the same sentence as einstein except as a joke.
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