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I just wanted to share some positive news. I suffered from DP/DR for about a year and can honestly say that I HAVE recovered. I get it once in a while (especially when I am tired) but it does not rule my life anymore and neither do my panic attacks. I think it IS possible to recover from it and I wanted to offer those of you still suffering from it some hope. A year ago I thought that this is how life will be for me and that I will live in a dream state forever. I saw no end and had almost no hope. I was VERY scared! I searched on the internet for hours about the different things that can cause this and I became obsessive which only fed the fear and problem.
I think distraction was the key for me - books, video games, getting a puppy. I made myself tired by keeping busy during the day so that I could fall asleep at night. The trick is not to withdraw from life but to force yourself to have a job, friends, responsibilities, etc. I know that for some of you it stems from a different illness, but I think with time and patience it is possible for anyone to recover. Don't try to speed the recovery, just take it in strides. The other thing to do is have a sense of humour about it. I know this can be difficult most of the time but I would try to say things to myself to lighten up a little bit like...when I was having a panic attack and thinking I was going to die from a heart attack I would tell myself that at least I had a really good meal before I kicked the bucket. :lol:

Most of the time I felt DP'ed when I wasn't panicing so I thought it had nothing to do with it, but in reality I was very wound up and stressed.

Try to relax, try to laugh, try not to rush things... and take part in life as much as you can (even though it may feel forced at first).

Good luck...there is ALWAYS a light at the end of a tunnel. Happy New Year!

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Thanks for posting that. It really let me know that maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm glad your DP mostly stoped. Mine comes about once a week or so. But I have been focusing my energy on crafts, school, my daughter and getting ready for the new baby. So hopefully your advice will work on me and mine will go away too. :wink:
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