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This is some advice I wrote down for myself, some of it actually taken from posts in this Forum. Cheers! Anna

1. Do not obsess about your symptoms. They are just manifestations of DP.

2. Address the accompanying problems, in particular depression, anxiety or any other mental or physical health problem that you may have, which can be treated with therapy or medications. This includes resolving the trauma in trauma survivors, such as myself.

3. Keep yourself healthy and mobile, as much as you can. Eat balanced diet, walk at least 30 minutes every day. It does not have to be a strenuous exercise.

4. Make peace with your DP. As you would with any other medical condition that you have. Educate yourself about it, but again, do not obsess about it to the point that it becomes the only focus in your life.

5. Do not isolate yourself. You need people, the exchange and communication. However, be perfectly honest with yourself who do you actually need, and which level of communication feels ok to you at any point.

6. Forum is a good place to vent. Perhaps there are some other platforms, too, I just don't have anything on my mind right now.

7. You are still the person that you were before DP hit. Even if you do not really recognize yourself as that person. But the things that you did before, that you liked, that you once invested emotionally in, can still serve you as guidelines. You did not become a Martian and a whole different person just because of DP. Also, no one can actually see your DP.

8. Ground yourself when you feel like a balloon tied by a string to this world. I often felt irritated by this advice, as it always felt so easy when they write it down, but so hard when you are actually dealing with it. It does not have to be much work though: just one or two simple things that you know would make you feel more connected. Whatever works for you.

9. The whole world is still here, with all its possibilities. You can be whoever you want to be. Outline yourself, make a rough description. When you are already there, make a list of things that you actually do on a daily basis, or that you could do, with the level of strength and abilities that you currently feel capable of applying. In addition to this, perhaps you can even stretch as far as to determine some goals for yourself, and break them into steps. Things that would make you feel good about yourself at this point. And there you are, managing your life with DP.
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