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Does anyone know what you can take naturally to cure DP/DR?? Homeskooled touched on it but I didn't fully understand what was being said. I have been told that natural medicines are the best way to cure DP/DR. Any insite to this would be apprecitated thanks.

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i am very much into natural healing.i have not even taken an aspirin in over 10 years. from what i have heard it really has to do with b vitamins and really makes sense to me. i read about Victor Frankl and desoxycorticosterone, which is an adrenal hormone, and how it snapped people out of dp/dr.the drug name for it is Percorten, but i looked it up and licorice stimulates the body to produce it.i also believe sugar makes it worse.i have talked to a psychiatrist that recommends supplements for her patients and she recommends what she calls a "depression coctail", which is several specific Mannatech supplements taken throughout the day.she has a 90+percent success rate with her patients.i also believe every person is different and there are probably many reasons people get dp/dr.
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