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Due to being alone for 2 weeks now, my solipsism thoughts and feelings are very bad right now. I was like 80-90% recovered, because I had a lot of work to do. I kinda felt "real" again and I slowly began to "believe" in consciousness of other people again. That was 3-4 weeks ago. I even felt so good, that I had to laugh but now since I am not able to leave my house it gets worse day per day.

I truly want to believe in consciousness of other people, but my brain doesn´t allow me to do; it´s hard to describe, but when I am like "Yeah, everyhting is real, you know that it´s real, common", my brain doesn´t allow me to do that. It just says "no, it doesn´t feel like it, it´s not real" and stuff like that. It´s been like this for 1.5 years now and I just want to get back to "normal", Am I delusional? It´s not normal to think like that and I just want to be like 100% sure again, that everything is real. But my brain questions everything, e.g; am I real?

It´s such a weird feeling and such weird thoughts it´s incredible.. I hope I can go back to where I was soon in the future, but I am very sceptical, since I do have this now for 1.5 years. It feels like living in a bubble and I just want to break it, but with this situation right now, it´s nearly impossible. Has anyone recovred from this or do I have to feel like this for the rest of my life? I really don´t want to. I want to enjoy all the small things in life, like I used to, but with those toughts, permanetly running through my brain, it´s not possible
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