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This blog post is for people suffering from the thoughts of Solipsism. Please be wary that this entire blog post is littered with triggers and uncomfortable information. Everything I talk about will be disproven, but please understand that this blog post is filled with things that could make you or others anxious. Thank you.

First, before we jump into the debunking of Solipsism, let's first start off by defining what Solipsism is. Solipsism is the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist. As an epistemological position, Solipsism holds that knowledge of anything outside one's own mind is unsure. Provided will be links to where I got my information at the end of the blog.

So, you're having trouble with Solipsism and you're starting to realize that you cannot really validate anyone else's mind or even rationalize the idea of Solipsism. Well, it's not a very sound philosophical position when you actually think about it and there are many types of Solipsistic ideas, but I will be covering the brunt of Solipsism. Let's go from top-to-bottom and start to really understand and debunk all of the things that people are talking about with Solipsism. If you have another form of Solipsism that you would like debunked, please send me a private message for I feel it's a bit wrong to give people already suffering from it more ideas on Solipsism.

Metaphysical Solipsism:

Metaphysical Solipsism is the strongest form of Solipsism, representing that one's mind is the only existing reality and that everyone around, including the external world, are simply representing of one's mind and are not independent from one's mind. In other words, your mind is the mass creator for all things around you and people.

If my mind is the creator of all things in this world - the world is my canvas and I, the painter - then why am I not sitting in a multi-million dollar mansion with stacks of money surrounding me? Why would any artist paint a world where they are in constant pain or why would any artist want to include these horrible thoughts into their own heads? Do you not think that the artist of their own world would like to dictate better principles to their own body and, even if they didn't want extreme riches, they certainly would want to have a cleared mind - a mind without Solipsism and derealization.

Let's take a step back, though, and look at the world for what it really is - with a bit of simplicity, to keep is short:

  • Seven billion people inhabiting this world.
  • 248,752 cities in this entire world.
  • 196 independent countries.
  • More than a quadrillion different forms of life, not including viruses and bacteria.
This world is an intricate database of, quite literally, infinite amounts of knowledge - with all of this being said, there is really no possible way that your small consciousness, or being as a whole, could produce such information - your mind would explode. Let's take, yet another, step back and just focus on your life and the people inside of that realm.

You have friends, family, close-relatives and mutual friends of each and every person you know - let's focus on the aspect of you being the creator; the painter of your own world, with this new information. If you were the only existing character in this world, you would have to make up characters for your family; in other words, your mind would need to generate their qualities, attributes and what makes them them. From there, you need to generate their back-story and the mutual friends between family members that came out of the back-story. Then, you would even have to go farther as to distinguish qualities in the mutual friends because those mutual friends made your family members who they are today - those mutual friends had impact on them. You would have to continue doing this as far back as you can go and then some.

To clarify and put into simpler terms, you would need to generate:

  • Every characteristic of everyone you see or are affiliated with, even the new people you interact with everyday.
  • Mutual friends with each and every one of those people, with back-stories and characteristics attached.
  • The vast story line behind how they are valid in your life and how they shape the world.
  • The world and surrounding environment itself.
  • All the knowledge and intelligence that is around the world.
  • All the knowledge and intelligence that hasn't been discovered yet.
Your mind is such a beautiful and intricate machine, but it's not that intricate. The amount of power that one's mind could have is very limited, in comparison to this, at least. It's literally impossible for you to come up with the world around you and it's very impossible for you to generate all forms of knowledge and intelligence - even the knowledge you don't know about, you came up with it. You see how silly that sounds?

Now, there is something else that comes along with this form of Solipsism, if I hadn't already disproved it to you above - the fact that you cannot validate that people are independent of your mind, but you can!

Look at a human being; no, rather, look at someone that is close to you. They have scars, cuts, bruises and even certain physical features that provide them, and you, with their past. Now, imagine yourself rifling through their things - let's be criminals for a second and sneak into their room - you're going to find possessions that will teach you of their past. Baseball trophies, medals, report cards, etc.. All of these things prove that the person is independent of him/herself considering that there are physical attributes that prove that person independent, and mutual ideas that congregate those items between multiple people. The amount of effort it would take to meet someone, know their personality and then make a back-story with past items to signify that it was his/her past - along with people that know them, as well - is impossible.

How to Cope with Solipsism:

Get outside and be active in your life. You have one life, so could you please stop dwelling on things that cannot be proven and just live it up? Start getting out into society a bit more, talk to people and experience the wonders of socialization. Once you're out, about, and active in some things - the busy schedule and hopefully some re-assurance that you're not the only one in existence will sink in and start to turn that, "Whoa, what if I am the only person in existence?" thought into one of, "Why did I ever believe Solipsism?"

Coping with Solipsism can be hard, but I know that people can do it because - I'm proof. I believed in Solipsism when I first was in a state of dissociation and I literally believed all of it. It made me scared of the world around me, scared of people and I wanted to be alone. After much searching and understanding my mind and myself, as a whole, I realized that Solipsism is rubbish. Hopefully what I've said above will make you feel the same.

If you put in 100% effort into being active and engaged in society, I'm sure you'll be able to flourish a beautiful mindset instead of birthing ideas of Solipsism - it is an introverted thought process, y'know, and if you have any questions - Feel free to private message me and I'll try to help you out, other than that, let's try to leave any other form of Solipsism out of the comments section. If you do need to post in the comments and it could be triggering, please put "trigger warning" so we can keep everything smooth.

Try this on for size: http://www.phy.duke....oms/node43.html
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