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Hello everyone, my name's Ivan and I have existential OCD ( I really struggle with the concept of the world being fake/others not being real or conscious) . Last night, I totally freaked out and had a gigantic crisis. It's like I had the realization that I was stuck in this world and had to get out. I've been depressed for a while, and I'm thinking that it could've contributed to me feeling so sick. I don't know, living totally freaks me out. I just can't think of reality the same way anymore. I feel like I'm doomed to think that EVERYTHING is fake.
Even my own existence is weird, I can't process it at times.
I'm alive right now, and I can't accept it because I don't know the reason, and I don't know what the point of all of this is.
How do I find the motivation to go on and do things? How can I accept that it all could be fake and get my life back?
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