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Social skills

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I think the main reason I got DP/DR was from my bad social anxiety. I would try so hard to make friends but i never knew what to say. I cant deny that marijuana triggerd it but socializing has to be the cause.I have to face it and make friends and possibly the DP/DR will lift. If im hanging out with people I still try hard. I dont know what it is but it frustrates me to try to socialize and make friends. What do I say? What do I do? Trying to socialize drained me so much and depressed me because I couldnt do it. Anybody else?
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I don't know that my social frustrations caused it, or if I was already slightly DP or something else, but I definitely relate.

Oddly, for me, my DP symptoms exacerbated greatly after I was finally becoming more comfortable socially. So I don't think there is a causative relationship in my case.
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