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supposly i have paranoia which is like anxiety but u think ur in danger a lot

which i guess

when people come close to me i feel aggressive

and my mind starts playing tricks on me like i should punch this guy

but at the same time im like no thats dumb, but cus of that

i feel as if people can sense my energy, and i think they can

cus when i step in a room, its boom, awkwardness

this weird vibe

even tho i feel completely normal, i guess in the back of my brain something is making this vibe go out

so what im think

antiphysotics havent really worked, either they kinda have but not worth taking cus i feel lazy af and plus ima gain 30 pounds of them

not worth it

so what im thinking is

getting on prozac

ive read some people have gotten dp from prozac.. little scary

but i think

if im happy

my energy will change, life will be easier, thoughts of angryness will go away

i will talk like my old self once did

i wont be lazy like these pills r making me feel

whats ur guys out look on anti depressants

either way ima give it a shot

also i cant work like how i am

and the fuckin goverment wont help me out

im broke as shit, didnt work enough to get unemplyment

not trying to go 51/50 cus that will leave a mark forber

how em i suppose to get money?

anyways yeah

struggling every second of the day

life is good

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M1k3y the most natural defence machansim when we feel threatened (real or imaginary) is anger...Anxiety, danger, paranoia, fear are all one in the same thing...They all make us feel threatened and insecure so its natural for us to fight back to protect ourselves(Fight or Flight)...SSRIs will generally enhance your mood and ease your anxiety (thats what it says on the box anyway) and as a result will ease your DP and paranoia... The problem is they have different effects on different people...Its trial and error especially when it comes to DP...Are they worth a shot? Of course they are...Especially when DP has you in its grip and nothing else works...

Honestly people have got to srop believing every bad story on the internet or the news about certain medicines doing certain bad things to people....These stories are usually in the minority...Of course on the internet and in the news its all about focusing on the nasty negative bad stories...The simple reason being its what captivates people...Humans have become slaves to negativity...It keep them under control....Free world my ass!!!!

Welcome to the world of mental ill health being totally ignored by doctors, shrinks, therapists, society and governments....Basically and this is going to sound tough but we are expendable in the eyes of all these people....Simply because it will take too much money to look after us...

Its the same as smoking...They now reckon that it is better for older people to keep smoking because it is saving money in the long term...Basically because they die sooner...The same thinking has now been applied to mental ill health....If people with mental ill health die sooner (i.e. commit suicide) they cease to become a burdne on the system....

Make no mistake we are all expendable and all are just statistics and numbers in the eyes of the powers that be...At the heart of it all is MONEY...The rich and powerful will stomp on whoever they can to attain more power and money...

Anybody who thinks otherwise is deluded....

There is a very easy way to make nearly every single human in the world very unhappy...Take away their money!!!!! Humans by nature are seriously greedy (myself included) It is at the heart of all societies problems whether you live in west africa, Syria or the so called free western world.....

It causes paranoia, mental ill health, wars, physical illness, suicide, materialism, divorce, drug addiction etc etc etc...

The answer is simple......LIVE AS SIMPLY AS YOU CAN...Pay your bills, Feed and keep yourself warm and everything else is a bonus...

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I hope you don't mind but it sounds to me like a self-esteem issue - although you could say that for many of us!

Your concern about creating a weird or aggressive vibe can be a self-fulfilling prophesy, because if you feel uncomfortable, or that people won't like you or whatever it might be, then other people can pick up on that and then it's like your fears are confirmed.

If you keep thinking along those lines it can keep you feeling that way. I would try challenging those thoughts whenever they come up, although bear in mind you will take some convincing so it will take time. Was there someone who made you feel this way originally? You might address them in your mind, like, "you made me feel this way" then dispute it with a more objective truth, like, "but it's not true. I'm an okay guy, people can and do like me. There's nothing wrong with me." It might take a while to start sinking in, but give it a try. You come across as a likable guy on here!
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