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so on thursday it's my birthday

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I'll be turning 24<3

and I all ready have an early birthday present

dvd of a comedy that I really wanted

I opened it early.. I couldn't wait to see what it was
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Early birthday presents are so special. I used to have this tradition with my grandma where every year, she gives me an early birthday present because she says that I’m expecting to receive gifts only on my birthday, so an early gift is more unique and special. When she passed away and my birthday came around, I realized something was missing. I missed her surprises, even when she was sick, she still managed to get a gift for me. So on my last birthday, I purchased a Cookies & Pastries Gift Basket, to remind me of the pastries my grandmother used to bake. I plan this to become a new tradition, to buy an early birthday gift for myself and to honor the memory of my grandmother.
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