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I have said this for a few days now. After nearly 15 weeks, my DP is nearly gone. I have slightly clammy hands (that is the worst physical sign I have of it). I can really feel it going, I just have bits of it left. I so nearly feel 100%, probably about 98%. The identity is almost back.....

It has been a long road (and I have been down this road many a time), DP on and off since 1994.

But once the DP is completely gone, the hard work of coping with trauma/loss/anxiety has to be conquered to stop the DP from clicking on when something awful/wrong/sad happens in my life. When things are happy in life I don't get DP. I just get DP when there is overwhelming anxiety or trauma or indecision and "click" on goes the switch and downhill I go, as my identity starts to drift away and I become empty and like a robot.

I have really got to stop the DP from clicking into the "on" position when things go wrong in my life. I am having CBT therapy, I have been on various anti depressants, they don't help it, Clonezapam (benzo) helps with the anxiety, but nothing gets rid of the DP.

DP is the worst in the world isn't it.....


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