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A bloke boards a 'plane, takes his seat and looks quite scared. The air hostess asks, "Is this the first time you've flown?"

"Yes!" he replied nervously.

"There's no need to worry about a thing. We've got a wonderful pilot on board and this is a pretty new 'plane."

She disappears for a minute, then returns with a male member of staff - who has a dog - and he sits down next to the nervous man. The dog-handler has been told about the nervous-looking man, so decides it best to chat to him. "Hi!" he said, "I'm Mike, a member of staff and this is Sniffer." he says, pointing to the Golden Retriever.

"I didn't know dogs were allowed on 'planes." says the nervous man.

"No, they're not," says Mike, "but Sniffer is different. You see, he's a member of staff, too. I'll show you what he does in a few minutes."

The 'plane takes off smoothly and everyone is allowed to undo their seat belts. The nervous man begins to relax.

"Right then, Sniffer," instructs Mike, "Go boy!"

Sniffer obeys him and walks up and down the aisles for a while, before sitting down next to a man. Then he walks back, jumps up on the seat between the men, and puts one paw on Mike's shoulder.

"You see the man Sniffer sat down next to?" asks Mike, "Well, he's carrying canabis. When we land, the police will be waiting to arrest him.

"That's amazing!" says the now quite relaxed man.

Mike instructs, "Go boy!" to Sniffer again. The dog walks up and down the aisles, then momentarily sits next to a woman, before walking back to Mike again. He puts two paws on Mike's shoulder.

"That woman's carrying heroin. She'll be arrested too...... Go boy!"

Sniffer sits next to another man, then suddenly bolts and runs back to Mike. He jumps up on the seat, whimpers, urinates, then he jumps on the floor and defecates all over the place.

The man is horrified and disgusted. He glares at Mike and shouts, "What kind of behaviour is that? He's supposed to be a proffesional dog, isn't he? Well, you haven't trained him very well. This is outragious and absolutely disgusting!"

White faced, Mike mutters, "You'd s**t yourself too, if you just found a bomb....!"

:lol: :lol: :lol: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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