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Hey folks!

So I'm newly signed up but have been perusing for 10 months or so (same time I've had DP/DR).

Since this is my first post, I just want to let you know what I'm going to be doing on this forum.

I will be giving tips and lessons that I have learnt over the course of my DP/DR to help you treat and overcome DP/DR.

I have not overcome this issue, but am working hard and seeing results. I will speak about my experience in getting it in another post.

I am studying counselling and hobby in psychology and mental health, as well as drugs; pharmaceutical and recreational.

Anyway, here's the first post/tip!



Many of you (including me), had or have panic attacks that are mutually exclusive with dissociation or symptoms of DP/DR.

Now, one thing that intrigues me about this condition is that we obsess over the feelings and catastrophize the issues.

One thing about Panic Disorder is that it keeps people 'checking' for symptoms and signs of a panic attack. This is anxiety at work, and it itself is a cause of panic attacks. Many people here have procured DP/DR from a panic attack. Repeated panic attacks from panic disorder is therefore quite likely to induce a sense of DP/DR and thoughts of obsession over the symptoms of panic attacks; 2D vision (being trapped behind a glass pane), feelings of unreality (self/world),

feelings of going crazy (losing your mind, bursting out, etc).

I believe, in a complex form, that one system that DP/DR works from is that it is a manifestation of anxiety of panicking and therefore causing DP/DR symptoms. The symptoms of both are so similar, they can also account as the opposites cause.

One website that has helped to truly understand realize this:

Some of the things mentioned here such as exposure therapy has helped me immensely.

One of my symptoms was that if I stared at something for long enough and thought about the fact that I actually exist and what I'm seeing in front of myself is actually there in front of me, my visuals would distort to a 2D fashion and it felt like I was trapped behind some wall. These would cause panic attacks.

The brain is fascinating in that it can perform distortions to your senses upon traumatic episodes (for example, in my case). Exposure may actually cure you of these random and unique symptoms. A doctor once told me I had a 'unique, biological vulnerability'. In retrospect, she knew nothing.

Exposure therapy works the same for panic attacks. Allowing yourself to fully experience and immerse yourself in the attack may assist you in overcoming your fear of checking up on it constantly, which as mentioned above, may be a big part of DP/DR. You may even simulate symptoms of an attack as exposure therapy; (Racing heart - Go for a run around the block and you'll teach your brain there is nothing about that specific symptom that poses a dangerous threat to you).

Remember, panic attacks and DP/DR is a defense mechanism.

The more you fight it, the more confusing your condition will be. Many of us attempt to fight ourselves, our natural, biological makeup.

This is nonsense. Once you accept and work WITH yourself, you will begin to see results.

Peace & Love
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