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Smoked lots of weed

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I decided to go for it, just wanted to hit the bottom and find out what it feels like. Since me being on Celexa I no longer have anxiety and panic.
After about 20 mins I was feeling what the real depersonalization felt like. I could not stand up or walk straight for about 10 mins, my mind seemed flying so high away from my body, all life was in slow motion. I was trying to memorize this experience as hard as I could so when I come back out of it I would feel normal or more like it, and hell it worked. I slept for about 13 hours after it, woke up feeling just like me again I don't know if its the old me but it is deffinetly better than what I felt before doing it.
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That would be too risky for me to try. I'd rather sit down and try to remember what I was like this time last year, then afterwards, pat myself on the back for achieving so much.
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