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Smoke Weed Again?

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Hi everyone, I joined this website to ask a question. Can I smoke weed again?

First, here is how I got Depersonalization. I smoked some strong weed with my friend at a park. I was loving it, I was super high and felt great! Then after chilling a bit we walked over to my car while I was still super baked. As I started to drive around, I wanted to turn on the A/C. I wasn't looking while trying to turn the A/C and was pressing random buttons and accidentally pressed the hazard button and I don't know how long I was driving with them on. But then my friend said he was having a bad feeling to scare me and said something about the upside down (different dimension from Stranger Things) at the exact same time I noticed my blinkers both flashing on at the same time because of he hazard button and I had a a slight panic attack for 5 seconds thinking I was going into a different dimension. I felt weird after that happened and continued to drive And get Taco Bell. The next day I had dp and it was bad for 2 weeks and lasted about 2 months. It's been 2 and a half months since I recovered and wanted to know if I can smoke again. I want to know has anyone smoked after, and your experience. I smoke to hang with friends and chill, I want that back. I was thinking maybe pop a xan and smoke a little until I get to the point where I can smoke without a problem?

Btw I recovered because I read some post saying to ignore the dp and go on with your life. I tried to ignore it as much as possible and my brain recovered, thankfully. Meditation also helped as well as herbal teas. Anther thing that helped was telling someone. My father was very supportive.
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Sure, you can smoke weed again. Dp for 2 weeks, (or 2 months for that matter), is a small price to pay for getting high with your homies and hitting Taco Bell in another dimension.
You recovered once. Who's to say you won't recover again?
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.
I have DP and I smoke weed regularly. Cannabis use and effect depends on yourself. I use it for my anxiety at night and helps me to release stress and depression sometimes. I dont know if it is good for DP or if it make it last longer
Seems that it does effect people differently, but the vast majority of folks on here say that weed makes DP worse for them.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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